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How did Saturns rings? | Astronomy

How did Saturns rings? The new theory of Saturns rings are formed when a large moon ice and rock core was moving to the emerging planet

Towards a new theory, Saturns rings are formed when a large moon ice and rock core was moving to the emerging planet. American scientist Dr. Robin Canup offers the theory that the tidal forces chipped a bit of the lunar mantle, before you came to the actual attack in the month the planet. This theory could shed new light on understanding the rings composed mostly of ice, which for decades was confusing znanstvenike.Znanstvenica presented his idea at a conference in Pasadena in the United States. Although the composition of the ring 90 -95% ice, Dr. Canup of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, notes that the existing small amount of rocky composition of the rings result of interplanetary dust and continuous bombardment of micro-meteorites. The rings are probably formed initially as pure ice, she said at the meeting of the Department of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society. But how accurate are these ice rings formed has always been a mystery.
It is expected that, in the event that an asteroid or even burst satellite, built a large rocky component, says Carl Murray institution with Queen Mary University of London, one of the astronomers in the Cassini mission, in an interview with BBC News.
new ideas He explained that so far there are two main theories about the origin of the rings. According to an icy comet burst in the vicinity of Saturn, while the second is less attracted to the moon planets gravitational forces. Accordingly, the order should be a huge comet, several hundred kilometers in diameter, a comet should pass by Saturn often enough, and that the planet would be able to turn at least one path, and thus form a ring system. says Professor Murry. In the event that the satellite and the rent, you would expect that the rings be made of rock and ice, and therefore we can now ask What happened to the stones in existing rings, he adds.
Dr. Canup said that he disagreed with any of the two existing theories and points out that here she explores a new alternative. In the case of Saturn approached a satellite - satellite the size of Titan - it is very likely to be differentiated due to combined power of their own formation and strong tidal heating.
Titan is Saturns largest satellite and is the second largest moon of the solar system, just after Jupiters moon Ganymede. Professor Murry stated that the exactly the size of satellites in the hypothesis Dr. Canup basis of new ideas and a very clever way of explaining the specific nature of the icy rings.
Her theory is confirmed that there was a satellite, however, probably much bigger than they are now considered to humans - an object the size of Titan Canup. This process could then lead to the formation of satellites, such as Encelad, Dione and Tethys.
Cassini mission plan is to continue to operate until 2017. years, and astronomers are hoping that by then collect enough new data to verify the theory of Dr. Canup.
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