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How to move the astronauts on the Moon? | Astronomy

How to move the astronauts on the moon? The first launch of the spacecraft with the crew there were 12

The first launch of the spacecraft with the crew was April 12, 1961. In. Was a Soviet spaceship Vostok 1 with astronaut Yuri Gagarin who belongs to the title of the first astronaut in history. Eight years later, 21 July 1969. Championship was won the United States with the mission of Apollo 11 crew members were Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins. first man who stepped foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong. from 1969th to 1972nd year. five American crew was on the moon.
As they move astronauts on the moon?
first exploratory mission on the lunar surface the astronauts were moving on foot, quite hard, in their bulky and cumbersome space suit. In the last three successful missions - Apollo 15, 16 and 17 - 1971. and 1972. the astronauts were put at the disposal of special vehicle to move across the lunar surface. Its Lunar Rover Wehicle, it is kind of off-road vehicle built for the occasion, which could overcome the obstacles high and 30 cm wide cracks up to 70 cm and inclines to 20 degrees. by four-wheel drive, drawing energy from the battery, LRW has developed speed to 16 miles an hour and covered a distance of 65 km distance. weighed 204 kg and the payload it was 236 kg. astronauts on the flight out of the spacecraft. first attempts space walks were the only experimental reasons. first man in 1965. year went into space was Soviet cosmonaut A. Leonov. record belongs to astronaut Aldrin three walks in a row in the Gemini mission. Later - and this is the main goal - outs are used for monitoring and maintenance techniques. This is especially true for the crew of space shuttle whose main task in the future should be the introduction of satellites in orbit, maybe even build a space station and its maintenance. For tasks performed outside the spacecraft astronauts can use convenient module that can be easily managed. gradual training mission has evolved and clothing astronauts. Today there are various space suits in the board room and beyond. More comfortable are the general, differ and in form and material.
for astronauts in space there is no up and down. In space flight altitudes appealing to not feel the force of Earth.

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