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What are the famous galaxy? | Astronomy

What are the famous galaxy? Our Sun and all stars in the night sky can be seen to belong to a giant family of stars called galaxies

Our Sun and all stars in the night sky can be seen to belong to a giant family of stars called galaxies. Galaxy or galaxy systems are composed of massive stars, gas and dust - interstellar matter - and the dark matter that is held together by gravity. Our galaxy contains about 100,000 million stars. view that we have inside the galaxy known as Milky Way, beyond our galaxy there are countless other galaxies scattered Universe. |
Looking from space, our galaxies is flat and circular in shape with a rib in the middle of the spiral arms. Among the stars are giant clouds of gas and dust, some of which are brightly shining, and others are tannins. Milky
The dark night of the Milky Way looks like a magical strip of light stretches across the sky. You can watch with binoculars or small telescope for bright night and see that this is a huge number of faint light of stars.
Milky Way orbits the entire sky. One part of it can be seen from anywhere on Earth. On north passes through the constellations including Auriga, Cassiopeia and the Swan. dark spots on the Milky Way are actually clouds of dust covering the starlight. most famous bag of coal on the Southern Cross.
Our galaxy is a spiral galaxy galaxies with a diameter of about 100,000 light years. - One light year is 9.5 trillion kilometers, the distance light travels in one year. - Many large galaxies have a beautiful spiral pattern. Elliptical galaxies are almost flat stellar sphere. Another type of galaxy is irregular and no any particular form.
Many of these galaxies emit strong radio waves that can receive radio telescopes. Galaxies tend to cluster with each other in space. Our galaxy belongs to a group called the Local Group.
Other galaxies
galaxy closest to the Earth are the two Magellanic nebulae. They look like two tiny stellar clouds can be seen only from the southern hemisphere. They are located about 180,000 light years. largest galaxy in our local group called the Andromeda nebula. the naked eye can see only a hazy spots. It is a spiral galaxy. 130 000 light-years wide and far more than 2 million light years.

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