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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


How to solve the problem of the Panama Canal? | History

How to solve the problem of the Panama Canal? Among the most important endeavors in human history, construction techniques was the construction of the Panama Canal

Among the most important endeavors in human history, construction techniques was the construction of the Panama Canal. Prokop this channel influenced the development of trade across the world. Construction of this canal shortened the distance between many ports on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for 13,000 kilometers, and between Great Britain and New Zealand about 2,500 kilometers, which is decreased travel time and automatically reduce trading costs on these routes.
As originally conceived, that they should build a canal to the French and so the channel must be in the amount that the depth is exactly 9 feet and the width at the bottom of 22 meters.
However, the French plan is not achieved, and the 1904th year the United States accepted the construction of kanala.Francuzi they intended to dig a channel below the water level , from one ocean to another. However, this plan was dangerous. In fact, if it happened that the differences between high and low tides are on one side of the ocean is greater than the second, the channel would be coming to a bigger flow of water.
This is the plan and demanded a lot more digging. Given these problems, it was decided to build a canal with locks, which meant that it must provide water at a higher altitude, in order to meet several parts of channels. This has been achieved in this way to the Chagres River dams built. dams form a kind of staircase, through which ships coming into the channel. Ships are raised in places where the water level is higher, and then down the other places. Nearly half of the channel through Gatun Lake. Ships coming from the Atlantic to raise the lake level by 28 meters through a series of three dams. Beyond the Pacific Ocean where there is a notch 13 kilometers long. ships are then lowered 10 meters in the first defense, and 18 meters through two other dams, so the lower the level of the sea. ships dragged through the dam electric locomotives which move along the coast. Dams are now rearranged so that they can move the largest ships in the world.

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