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How do we know what they looked like dinosaurs? | History

How do we know what they looked like dinosaurs? Scientists have proven that the first dinosaurs appeared on Earth about 180 million years ago and that about 60 million years extinct

Scientists have proven that the first dinosaurs appeared on Earth about 180 million years ago and that about 60 million years extinct. It is, in any case, long before the first appearance of man on Earth, and even before the appearance of certain animals, such as, for example, dogs, rabbits, horses, monkeys and elephants. Therefore, the question of how we could do and learn anything about these giant creatures? Everything weve learned about dinosaurs - and what we do know - we know based on tests of fossils, which means on the basis of those remains of these animals that can still be found in the earths womb. | | Fossils - in Latin, fossus, meaning dug - the mineraliziranili otherwise preserved remains - or other types of traces and prints - like footprints - animals, plants and other organisms.
Because the fossils found in sedimentary rocks, are also known as the fossil record. deals with the study of fossils paleontology.
There are various kinds of fossils.
most common dinosaur fossils are actually fossilized remains of hard parts of their body: bones, teeth and claws. Scientists, as well as study residues, based on them can reconstruct the appearance of the entire body of dinosaurs. Fossils are generally traces of the remains of the organism. However, fossils may also be evidence that the organism is left behind while he was still alive, as the remains of the feet or limbs of dinosaurs or reptiles. These types of fossils are called fossil evidence, as opposed to body fossils. Finally, the life of the past can leave behind data that can not be seen, but can instead be observed in the form of chemical traces. It used to be able to find the petrified, and even muscle tissue and dinosaur skin, which provides opportunities for further discoveries. fossils, or fossils are considered to be the remains or traces of the feet occur in moist sand or mud that hardened over many centuries in stone. From them we learn how the dinosaurs moved on two or four legs. And the rarest fossils from that era who did found the dinosaur eggs. Thus, based on fossils, it can be concluded that the Brontosaurus were monsters long 20-25 feet, weighing about 38 tons. It is known to have lived in swamps and ponds that were herbivores. also found that one species of dinosaur, known as Allosaurus, characterized by sharp teeth and powerful claws that they Brontosaurus were the main food, in addition to other herbivores. Specifically, the researchers found, the broken and gnawed bones brontosaurus, okamenine Allosaurus teeth!

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