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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


How the pepper before been appreciated? | History

How the pepper before been appreciated? Pepper is a spice known to people since ancient times

Pepper is a spice known to people since ancient times. Today it so easy to obtain and do not think that much of the history was important. At one time black pepper was a very valuable item of trade between India and Europe, and even highly valued commodities . Alarih When the king of the Visigoths, conquered and ravaged Rome, 408 AD, the Romans sought to purchase it on behalf of the surrender and 1,500 pounds of pepper!
And you probably know that the shortest path to the survey India led to the discovery of America. Why is a shorter route to India was so important? Because the spices, like pepper, received in India, and the costs of procurement and transportation have become huge. Pepper was so revered in the Middle Ages, Melted wax splashed on to the letter and before you make the wax hardened, it would be imprinted in your sign from the ring or seal. In this way, know who sent the letter. The idea is that instead of wrapping or other ways you can use the postage paid stamps came about 1830. The Englishman Roland Hill. He held that the use of postage stamps to send to facilitate and increase the number of letters, and will increase state revenues.
also proposed to send letters to pay a certain amount, which will depend only on the severity of the letter, and the distance the letter must not be shifted to take into account. The postage stamp often are these data: * the name of the brand issued,
* nominal value,
* motif introduced the graphical solution,
accompanying text *, * emblem
* year of publication, the author
* brand. The first country that used the stamps was the United Kingdom, 1840th year. From there, the idea quickly spread to other countries. The first began issuing stamps Zurich and Geneva, which at that time were the Swiss cantons. First country in the western hemisphere has issued its stamps were not United States but - Brazil!
In Brazil, the brand began to use the 1843rd year in the United States 1847th However, in the United States are some of the local post office managers and private postal service has issued its stamps 1842nd years before it was taken on the state.

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