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How made the first wallpaper? | History

How made the first wallpaper? Before 2

2,000 years ago who rarely has decorated the walls of your home wallpaper. Wealthy people were for this purpose used the precious carvings, broke - heavy fabric interwoven with silk, gold or silver threads - or draperies - fabrics furnished in large folds -. However
, we have evidence that wallpaper was first used in Europe in 1481. year.
Then the French king ordered to paint 50 scrolls of wallpaper. All of these wallpapers were hand painted. Because these wallpapers were most precious art works, they are rarely glued directly onto the walls, as we do today, but they were the bottom of the coated fabric, put them in frames and hung on the wall, but so that between them and the wall remained blank space.
So the oldest
wallpaper were actually artistic murals
Later, the paper produced in the paper blocks ¬ ma. artist would then embarked on her drawing, pattern or ornament with a special stamp or roller, a paint and later inflicted by hand. invented another kind of paper that has left the impression that the velvet. On paper I have been glued wool or silk string.
all until 1830. the manufacturers themselves are hand-made wallpaper, then paste them into long ribbons, which namotavali on the coils. invention of the machine, moved to the industrial production of wallpaper that have become so much cheaper, so they were People started buying them to decorate the walls of his apartment.
Chinese have long ago used the printed colored paper that are hung on the walls. Passengers who went to Eastern countries such securities are brought to Europe. Therefore, the patterns of wallpaper Europe still sees a great influence of Chinese art. Today and French influence is not behind the Chinese.

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