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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


How did the cities? | History

How did the cities? City is a great and permanent urban settlement

The city is a large and permanent urban settlement. In most cities the population lives from industry, trade and service activities, as opposed to the villages where most economic activity is based around agriculture.
Think about cities as an integral part of civilization. After , the word civilization, and the word city , originating from the same Latin word Civis, a citizen, a man who also perform duties of law in the community where he lives. When a lot of different people gathered in one place to perform various tasks, enjoy fun and games began to develop cities.
main difference between the cities, towns, settlements and villages in their size.
Cities are the largest settlements, but almost all cities in were initially villages.
No one knows exactly when and where was erected the first city. can be established because it was a tribe of wandering hunters have found a suitable place and wanted him to stay. It probably happened sometime around 6000 . BCE and possibly earlier. at 3000. BC people have already built a pretty big cities.
Very long ago people discovered that the food can be much easier if they catch wild animals, domesticated and grown. So they no longer had to hunt in the woods when they felt hungry. Similarly, people have learned that I can get a lot more fruits and grains, if they care about what plants and fruits giving. So they began to work in agriculture - till the soil and herding cattle.
However, if you are engaged in agriculture, people are not constantly moving. While not expensive crops, must remain in one place. Then, it is very difficult and slow to move on long trips with livestock krdom. So they are, when they are stopped by some tribes in certain places and created a permanent settlement, began to raise the first villages, then cities.
From the first village in the history of today is not anything else, because the houses were made of animal skin, from wood and mud. Over time people have learned to build houses of permanent materials, and human settlements have gradually evolved from simple agricultural settlements in towns or villages, and finally in the big cities.

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