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How are mummies made? | History

How are mummies made? Mummy was prepared and preserved body of a dead man

The mummy was prepared and preserved dead body. A lot of accidental or intentional exposure to chemicals, severe cold, very low humidity, or lack of air when the body sinks into blatište. Word mummy comes from the Arabic language and means, the body preserved by wax or tar . But why are the Egyptians wanted to preserve the dead body?
Because they believed in life after death. imagined the soul as a bird with a human face, flying day and night must be returned to the grave because they are afraid evil spirits. So the Egyptians were the corpses,, mumificirali to make them soul could recognize and to know that in the grave, each of them to return.
about 3000. In BC, the Egyptians buried their dead in a coiled position in the hot desert sand, which keeps the body from decay. Later, prominent persons buried in the tombs carved in rock. But stone pyramids and tombs were not as dry as the desert sand, and the Egyptians had invented a process by which bodies will be held in these tombs. This is where the art of mummification.
mummification was a process by which the body is conserved, and its aim is to release the souls of those elements that will survive the death of the body.
mummification process consisted are easily degradable in the removal of internal organs and conservation bodies would also be more durable preserved.
When someone died, he would remove the brain, the organs of digestion, heart and lungs. It was kept in four separate containers. In later periods these bodies were returned to the body.
Then they placed the dead body of salt, which together with the dry desert air pulled moisture. When the corpse has dried, swim to it, rubbed pine resin and wrapped in hundreds of meters of fabric. All of this took seventy days.
During this time carpenters were working for the mummy casket. Painters and trunks are decorated with vibrant color. walls of the tombs are decorated with texts and images that spoke of a man who lies there. They then collected all the items you the deceased served for life and placed in the grave. Thus, according to Egyptian belief, the man was ready for his future life after death.

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