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How did the post office? | History

How did the post office? Today we are normal mail to send and receive letters and packages

Today we are normal mail to send and receive letters and packages. However, although the idea of ​​a postal service of nickel is very long, she realized very slowly.
Todays post is an organization for the delivery of the shipment and delivery of written other shipments to the desired address of the sender.
In ancient times, in Iran and Rome, the state took care of delivering messages, but these messages are related solely to State Affairs. During the Middle Ages, an association of retailers and some large universities maintain the special and limited postal services, which are used exclusively by its members.
Only in the 16th century, governments of some countries began deploying regular postal service.
King Henry VIII had a postal service in England, and his successors expanded this service. In 1609th the only official pigeons to carry messages in the form of letters. However, the London merchants were 1680. established our own service delivery and the letters in your area because they are so could monitor suspicious correspondence. Mail was tempting, and because the Postal Service represents a source of income, and finally, because it provided the necessary services to the public. Today, as the basis for the provision of postal services remained practically only the third reason.
It was called. penny-mail - one letter stood a penny. This was posted operated very successfully, so it was the English government took over and continued her work in all to 1801. In.
whole postal system was finally changed 1840th year. were introduced stamps and a single tariff for all places in the country, and the difference existed only in relation to the weight of mail. All other countries have organized a postal system modeled after the one in the UK

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