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How the French Revolution broke out? | History

How the French Revolution broke out? The exact date of the event, which changed the destiny of not only France but all over the world, is 14

The exact date of the event, which changed the destiny of not only France but all over the world, on 14 July 1789th On that day the people of Paris attacked the Bastille fortress in which they were politically zatvorenici.Nakon fall caused the euphoria and the outbreak of physical violence . people wanted to decide on the fate and politics. Revolution began then ostvarivati.Kao all historical events, and the French Revolution broke out due to complex social situations and took a few years.
As in much of Europe and France is ruled absolutist, King Louis XVI This meant that all the regulations for the conduct prescribed by the state he or his assistants, who belonged to the nobility or clergy or. third estate was not involved in its governance. |
The third class was a new social class emerged in the Middle Ages. This class is not living with the rents of land as the nobility or the church but as the clergy or a priest, rather than directly from their work. They were craftsmen and merchants. more numerous and more numerous, After the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century in England, which has completely changed the way of production, they have felt the need to have their representatives among those who run the country, who will represent their interests.
What was decided in the oath Hall of the Jeu de Paume in Versailles?
Representatives citizens secretly met in June 1789th, and decided to end the rule of the nobility and clergy, prisežući to go to the end of his intention.
peasants and workers were living in extreme poverty. They were forced to pay high taxes for the maintenance of the aristocracy. On the day the order was just wrong. When the representatives of the citizens, among them Marat, Danton and Robespierre, have presented their ideas, which they wanted to create a new society based on equality, fraternity and freedom, the people they support and thus enable a revolution.
When the occupation authorities after the arrest of the king met the representatives of the third class to create a new constitution and new state laws, among them was a group, and led her was Robespierre, who wanted a complete and decisive changes - those were the Jacobins.
Robespierre ideas have prevailed, though only for a short time. This is the most tragic part of the revolution, known as the Jacobin terror. All suspects were summarily executed procedure the guillotine. Among the first victims was the king, who tried in vain to escape.
Robespierre cruelty - in one year was sentenced to death more than two thousand people - tired of the revolutionaries themselves so they 27. July 1794. arrested and sent to the guillotine. Next year France received a new constitution and thus ended the revolution.
This revolution is important because it celebrates the principles that are fundamentally changed social conditions of the time, instituting equality of citizens before the state.


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