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How to distinguish between pirates and pirates? | History

How to distinguish between pirates and pirates? Pirates of the sea robbers who attacked ships of all countries and plundered for its own account goods that are transported by these ships, and sometimes attacked on the coast

Pirates of the sea robbers who attacked ships of all countries and plundered for its own account goods that are transported by these ships, and sometimes attacked on the coast. In the Mediterranean, piracy has existed since ancient times. Phoenicians, known as able seamen, often they were bold and pirates. At the time of migration in the Middle Ages, it is difficult to distinguish between the conquering barbarian and pirate cruises, with the example of Norman and Arab. Piracy was almost completely disappeared in the 19th century, except in some parts of the Indonesian archipelago. A special case were Arab pirates who are from the 16th century in North Africa, creating a real state.
Until the 19th century were dangerous to sail the Mediterranean.
After the discovery of America stepped up the trade links between New World colonies and Europe. ships, which sailed from the colonies, were crowded with all sorts of goods. These riches attracted the English, French and Dutch adventurers who have created an association known as the Brethren or flibustjeri coast.
Flibustjeri of Eng. freebooter, plunderer, they were kind of pirates who were between the 17th and 18th centuries waged a fierce battle with the Spaniards in the Antilles. captured galleys were looted them, broke in the center of the coastal colonies. flibustjeri the French island of Tortuga, with Jamaican English and Dutch with the Netherlands Antilles, are loaded bukanire as allies.
Pirate duties and responsibilities have been prescribed by the rules that are determined by the iron discipline on board. absence or smoking inside the boat was punished with forty lashes. Predatory increasing share of each sailor with the number of wounds suffered in combat.
Who were bukaniri?
These were the settlers, cattle breeders in the Antilles, which are sold bovine leather and smoked meat grilled on a special called Boucan. When they were in 1629 . expelled the English from the Bahamas, from San Christopher 1630th Spaniards, united with flibustjerima from Tortuga. most famous were: Henry Morgan, who in 1671. plundered Panama, look at the commandment of the English, French and learned. In these centuries, and Many women were pirates. History mentions Anne Bonny and Mary Reed. Pirates were naval warriors who are authorized in the interest of his countrys rulers and attacked and attracted the enemy ships and property at sea and thus weakened opponent. in the Antilles it was against the Spaniards, and Neretva and the Adriatic Omis pirates threatened the Venetian power.
Some of the most famous pirate, Francis Drake, who had great credit for the creation of the British colonial empire, Raleigh Hawkins and Jean Bart.
as a personal weapon that used and the pirates, and pirates have a gun, sword, ax, short sword and gun. on ships large caliber guns and throw the ball and chained in couples that shattered masts. They used a variety of vessels: Fuste, run very fast boat to sail or oars, small galley with oars with one mast, a large galley with three masts, 32 oars and 36 cannon and 4-masted galleon and 70 guns.

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