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How to place the American Civil War? | History

How to place the American Civil War, veterans were state of the American North and South, which was composed of a basic core of todays USA

were veterans of the U.S. states of north and south, which constituted the basic nucleus of todays USA. War lasted from 1861st to 1865th year. Broke out due to economic and political differences. While the Northern states already knew some kind of industrial economic organizations, the economy of the South relied on agriculture, especially in the cultivation of cotton.
vast plantations worked as slaves - blacks, which are traded like commodities with each other, and were originally from Africa. owners are the masters of their life and death .
new President of the Confederation of the United States Abraham Lincoln was a prominent opponent of slavery since the days of youth and fought against such irregularities. | In response to Lincolns election and his opposition to slavery, the State south have rebelled and organized in their own confederation, separating it - Secession - from other countries in the Alliance. So this war is called the secessionist.
Development of the war.
Army South, led by standing General Lee was attacked first and had more success in the beginning, but after two years of Generals Grant and Sherman a long series of counter-attack forced the withdrawal of the southerners, and later to surrender. Among the many battles took place and one Marine in Hampton Roads where the part two ironclads: Monitor the battleship West Virginia and the South. won the battleship Monitor. Battleship in the broadest sense means any ship of war in itself is an iron armor to protect against enemy ships and coastal artillery.
On the one the war has strengthened the Northern states, which have gradually expanded the process of industrialization and the southern states, on the other hand marked the end of slavery and strengthen democratic principles that are the foundation of American independence - 1776 -. However, President Lincoln paid his own life the ideal of freedom . American Civil War was crossed out one of the saddest and most shameful pages of human history, but it has created, even inadvertently, another phenomenon: racism. Although the law every American citizen has equal rights, regardless of skin color, it is difficult to remove from the heads of people Racial prejudice. And after the abolition of slavery continued persecution of blacks. Such hostility exists today, not only in the U.S. but also in many other parts of the world. recently fallen and the last fortress of racism, South Africa, where as the first free general elections, and the head of state came to a black man Nelson Mandela.

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