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As the first houses built? | History

As the first houses built? Prehistoric humans, our ancestors, the very beginning, when they brought food from hunting or when they gathered berries and roots of plants, were forced to constantly move

Prehistoric people, our ancestors, the very beginning, when they brought food from hunting or when they gathered berries and roots of plants, were forced to constantly move. These people are sometimes called prehistoric because they lived long before recorded history. So withdrew into the shelter as a random bush or cave. Caves were good residence - our earliest human ancestors lived in caves in Israel before at least 100,000 years.
Scientific studies have found this type of settlement in areas most likely a rich animal and plant life. still best known as Lascaux in France and Altamira in Spain. Construction of the first houses probably began when the migration of prehistoric man spotted that the safest place to live, and for food because they are rich in fish - a river or lake. He came therefore to think that it is precisely in these places built the first permanent shelter - houses on stilts. So they created the first village, as an expression of aspirations to live in the community, because that will eventually unite into groups, tribes and nations.
to build the first house of primitive materials used are the branches, trunks and leaves. By way of construction were to lodge. rested on wooden foundations, raised on long beams protruding from the water.
People were building houses on stilts, connected to the mainland via bridges or wooden scaffolding, which can be separated at night, they provided a safe haven, not only from rain and cold, but also of beasts, or the possible seizure of other human group. Remains of such dwellings are found throughout the Alps, where many lakes.
first walled village occur only when a man discovered agriculture, it is the cultivation of plants as a safe food source, then we come to the sedentary group . then created the first permanent stone, clay and brick. It happened 10,000 years ago.
After finding prehistoric villages in Cyprus, we can reconstruct the way of building the first house. They had a circular shape, with domed roofs. Inside in the center of any fireplace, and along the walls of rooms for sleeping. In the mezzanine there is a repository for food.
It is certain that the first city in the world was Jericho in Israel. Excavations have revealed that the city was surrounded by strong walls, within which were erected the house. Outside the city there were arable land.

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