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How is it structured Egyptian society? | History

How is it structured Egyptian society? Ancient Egypt was a civilization located along the lower Nile, based on irrigation

Ancient Egypt was a civilization located along the lower Nile, based on irrigation. From what we could discover, was ruled by 31 dynasties, the historical period that lasted from the unification of Egypt into one kingdom around the 3100th, to the 332nd BC, the year in which Alexander the Great occupied Egypt. around 3100th year before Christ the King-Priest Tinisa, a city in Upper Egypt, took up the whole valley of the River Nile, to its mouth.
Ruler, the unifier, the first pharaoh of the first dynasty, was named Narmer - or Menes - and was reputed the son of a falcon-god Horus, the ancient symbol of the Sun. Pharaohs were the first dynasty of kings, warriors - they won Nubia, modern Sudan - and their Political conquest was accompanied by great advances in the craft and trade of raw materials, thanks to connections with the people who lived in Mesopotamia.
Pyramids were the distinctive shape of tombs of the Pharaohs of the Old and Middle Kingdom, which covers the period of III. to XIII. dynasty. oldest example of a stepped pyramid built for Djoser, pharaoh of the third. dynasty around 2660th BC. Its distinctive pyramid shape is acquired in the fourth. dynasty and reached a peak in size and complexity of the Cheops pyramid. According to Herodotus it was built 100 000 slaves next thirty years. After IV. pharaonic dynasty pyramids were built less and less, and they even had a problem with the cost of the material.
Even the social structure of ancient Egypt was a kind of pyramid on the top stood Pharaoh. Immediately below, the high priest and nobility were the priests, whose task was to appease the gods, prayers, sacrifices, ceremonies, and, of course, had to interpret the wishes of the gods know. They held the house of life, placed along the temples, that school reading and writing, as well as several schools where they taught the chosen few cases were the gift of God - mathematics, geometry, medicine, knowledge of public administration, arts and literature -. On the lower level, though with considerable reputation, they were warriors. On bottom of the pyramid were the ones that worked.
Egypt was essentially one large farm, which floods the Nile makes it extremely fertile. Most of the Egyptian paintings and reliefs showing scenes of shallow agricultural labor. farmers are almost always free citizens. Slaves were assigned, or for home affairs - they are more learned and a woman - or to work in quarries and mines, together with offenders who are sentenced to the courts.

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