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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


As the first book published? | History

As the first book published? History book stretches back to ancient days, when a man his thoughts began to draw or write symbols on cave walls, tree bark or animal skin

History of the book stretches back to ancient days, when a man his thoughts began to draw or write symbols on cave walls, tree bark or animal skin. Mid 15th century in Germany craftsman Johannes Gutenberg - whose real name is Johannes Gutenberg Gensfleisch zoom - created a system that will facilitate the dissemination of the written word. That his system 1455th allow printing of the first book - the Bible. |
Although the Chinese have used the 6th century carved wooden panels for copying texts and movable metal letters are used for printing in Korea in the mid 13th century in Europe were up to the mid-15th century books multiplying rewriting by hand, which made them expensive and rare. Gutenbergs invention enabled the explosive expansion of knowledge in the Renaissance Europe. used a procedure that was in use until recently, when the technological revolution brought major changes in the printing business. following your intuition Gutenberg used movable type. Gutenberg began pouring out individual letters from the metals and of these letters and draw lines on the page a clay plate. constructed a wooden printing press with which he received the print press flat plate over a sheet of paper.
Before Gutenberg books were manually transcribed and depicted. centuries used special techniques for reproducing images. taking the the wood matrix on which they carved the different characters. After the matrix, dipped in paint, paper, and pressed on, you can get about the print. Such has been attempted with the letters of the alphabet, but it turned out that this procedure is too complicated, due to small carvings and because the wood is easily distorted. What is the importance of Gutenberg had invented?
His system is facilitated copying of texts that were previously copied and therefore were available in very few copies. So they could only read a few and privileged. After Gutenberg, copies of the books have reached the time for extreme circulation. It is a good two thousand printed copies of a single book. Gutenberg invention was later refined, for example, type in the letters. Over time the appearance of simplified characters until it got its present appearance. First printed books in Croatia Missal printed in Senj 1494th year. end of the last century, invented the machines that can separate and connect different letters of the alphabet. These machines - linotype, used as an ordinary typewriter. They create words and place them in rows, of which generated pages. Gutenbergs record was overflow in the mold, and each letter individually. extracted from the mold, the record could easily get along or post the words, lines and pages. When you agree to and print, the pages are smashed, the letters were placed in compartments to be re-used the printing of new sites and books

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