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How the house looked like a Roman? | History

How the house looked like a Roman? As a very good architect, the Romans knew how to find original and intelligent solutions to your home

As a very good architect, the Romans knew how to find original and intelligent solutions for your home. However, the appearance of the house depended on economic and social circumstances. Domus was designed for the privileged class, while the people lived in insul, home to some floors , similar to todays buildings. There was a wealthy home in Rome, where there were amphorae, jugs, cups, dishes of silver, which were beautifully decorated. houses were lit by lamps of terracotta oiled - terra cotta -, bronze or silver. Bile were hung from the ceiling or on specially designed racks.
As she looked Domus Romana?
One part of it is not covered roof to better see the layout and arrangement of rooms. Immediately after the entrance of the atrium, largely uncovered - kompluvij - that would be exposed to light, a rectangular pool - impluvij - in which the collected rainwater. On either side of the atrium there were rooms for different uses: dining room - triclinium -, bedrooms and small rooms, some of them for the slaves, the other used as a repository for all the things in the house. At the bottom of the atrium there was tablinij, a place for learning and gathering, which overlooks the inner courtyard - Peristyle - usually with a fountain and statues. Around the peristyle was a portico, a porch with pillars, which looked at the other rooms and auxiliary rooms. Roman house was built of stone or brick and had no floors. Interior house depended on economic conditions of citizens, but generally speaking, the walls of Roman houses were bare, and the room half empty. All the subjects were placed in storage in the rooms was only the most necessary furniture, as beds, tables, chairs ... In order to compensate, at least in the upscale houses, walls najvaĹžnijih rooms are artistically painted with elegant and refined decoration, which is also Today I can see the house Villa dei mystery in Pompeii. Furniture was made from different, sometimes precious materials: wood, marble, bronze, ivory, tortoiseshell and silver. In the course insul rare furniture was made of rough planks.

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