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How did Marco Polo came to India? | History

How did Marco Polo came to India? In XIII

The XIII. Century, when the whole of Europe to develop and strengthen cities. With them and develop ways of exchanging goods and labor, a new social class - traders, who in the short term accrued real wealth. Happiest among them were able to buy and ships that could sail to distant lands, hitherto known only by the stories that have circulated about them.
India, a term referring to the entire East, was the most famous of these countries through Arab traders who as mediators between Asia and Europe. from these countries came to condiments and spices, which are particularly appreciated by Europeans. For cities with maritime tradition, started the first foray to the East. Among them are the most important Genoa and Venice - Venice -.
There have been many unsuccessful ventures such as the Vivaldi brothers. set out from Genoa 1291st with two sailboats and Joy St. Anthony, came to the African coast, thinking to have found their way to India, which will quickly get to the products of the East, and it will no longer depend on intermediaries. Later never heard of them.
Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in the venture for two centuries after a brave attempt Vivaldi brothers managed to sail around Africa.
Venetian merchant family of Polo according to a document from the fifteenth century. originating from Korcula, was able to go through the whole of mainland Asia to the Far East. Before them, this time trying to cross the Friar Giovanni da Pian del Carpino, who went from Umbria and the foot came to Mongolia. On your second time Nicholas Polo took it and his son Marko, who had seventeen years. Starting by sea from Venice, father and son came down with the ship in Syria. From there they went over the Arab countries to the north and crossed the Himalayas come to Beijing.
Great Kublai Khan became a friend of Marks. Soon he was received among his advisors and the many tasks entrusted to him by a young man, twenty years of residence in a magnificent palace, allowed to know the customs, language and behavior of a mythical East. His story , upon returning to his homeland, caused astonishment Venetians.
Miracles of the event described by his friend from a prison cell, where he spoke of his experiences. Mark after his return to Venice, after the battle near Korcula, close Genovljani. Mark book had a decisive influence in the era of great discoveries. Geographic map of the Far East for centuries were made just after his travelogue.
book called A Million. Mark is talking about China, used to say: Millions of people, millions of wealth, millions of soldiers ...
Today is the book known as the Italian title: Il million, and the third is the most translated and most widely read book in human history after the Bible and the Koran.

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