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How does First Yugoslavia? | History

How does First Yugoslavia? In the First World War, the Croats had fought on the side of the Central Powers mainly for the interests of Austria

The First World War, the Croats had fought on the side of the Central Powers mainly for the interests of Austria. During the war, some Croatian politicians in exile to connect with Serbian politicians and led the negotiations on the future common state of southern Slavs. Since the Austro-Hungarian Empire lost , Croatia on October 29, 1818th could freely publish the termination of state-legal ties with Austria and Hungary.
was declared the establishment of the provisional State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs - DSHS - which is managed by the National Council.
1st December 1918. Serbian regent Aleksandar proclaimed the unification of the DSHS and the Kingdom of Serbia in the new country called the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Croatian Parliament has never confirmed this unification. Serbias new policy of the state understood as an extension of the Serbian state in the newly liberated -areas. adoption Vidovdan constitution of 1921. legalized the monarchy, centralism and Unitarianism. strongest resistance to Greater Serbian politics provides the Croatian Peasant Party of Stjepan Radic - 1871st to 1928th - which stands for a federal arrangement. partys popularity is growing rapidly in the 20s it was . 1928th PuniSa crab in the Belgrade Assembly, in the deliberate attack, mortally wounded Stjepan Radic and kills two Croatian deputies. King Alexander 1929th introduces a dictatorship, and the new name of the country, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. This country has never addressed its national and social issues. Creation Croatian Banovina in 1939. It was a belated attempt to solve the Croatian question in the shadow of impending war. At that time, it created illegal Ustasha movement under the leadership of Ante Pavelic - 1889th to 1959th - who wants to get an independent Croatian armed struggle.
World War II Kingdom of Yugoslavia welcomed the military totally unprepared and quickly capitulated to Germany and Italy.
Occupying German and Italian forces found their allies in the Ustasha and A. Pavelic, and is in Croatian and Bosnia created a puppet Independent State Croatia. Following the example of Germany, ISC brings directed racial laws against Jews, and varies in a brutal crackdown on unfair residents and political opponents. also founded in the concentration camps that killed tens of thousands of Serbs, Jews and undesireable Croats regime. on Croatian soil, there is an anti-fascist Partisan movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito - 1892nd to 1980th -. First Partisan unit was established on 22 June 1941. near Sisak. In Dalmatia under Italian protection act and the Chetniks, Serbian royalist guerrillas, who attacked Croatian civilians in regions with mixed population and partisans. Partisan movement was strengthened after the capitulation of Italy, 1943rd, and with the help of the Red Army 1945th out of German forces in Yugoslavia. the Bleiburg field in Austria partisans made terrible reprisals against defeated army of the NDH and civilians who have followed. Violence continues in the so-called cross the road. killed tens of thousands of people. It was a bloody start of the second Yugoslavia.
Ante Starcevic - father of the homeland
Ante Starcevic staunchly defended his view of the need for full state independence. His motto was: Under the Pest or Vienna, but for free, independent Croatia. Today we hold him the founder of the modern Croatian state-building ideology. Due to strong and passionate to defend his ideas called the father of the nation . Do not rush as geese in the fog!
Those were the words of Stephen Radic warned representatives of the National Council of State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs, the night before their trip to Belgrade and the signing of union without any previous solid guarantees. The most terrifying thing , the greatest sin is the greatest political error of his native place before the people for granted ... It was politically wise and prophetic words that no one is listening.

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