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How did the independent Croatia? | History

How did the independent Croatia? The first multiparty elections in Croatia, 1990

The first multiparty elections in Croatia in 1990. Wins the Croatian Democratic Union - HDZ - the party of Franjo Tudjman - 1922nd to 1999th - which campaigned for an independent Croatian state. Franjo Tudjman became the first Croatian president. He was named the new Constitution, which formally marked the beginning of democracy.
Croatian independence and the collapse of Yugoslavia opposed the Serbian minority, instrumentalized of Greater Belgrade circles. 1991st maintaining a referendum in which 94% of voters voted for an independent Croatia. Therefore, the Parliament 25 June 1991. declared Croatia independent and sovereign states, and 8 October 1991. declaration of cessation of all state ties with Yugoslavia.
JNA was in agreement with Great Weapons Milosevic regime tried to prevent the collapse of Yugoslavia. Belgrade arming Serbian minority Croatia and the rebellion was encouraged. Croatian defensive war for independence - Patriotic War - that jezapočeo the summer of 1991. and led to the third of Croatian territory. fiercest fighting with the rebel Croatian Serb army, the JNA and Serbian volunteers were led around Knin , in the provinces of Western and Eastern Slavonia. peak of the war was the Battle of the siege of Vukovar and Dubrovnik. third of Croatian territory came under the so-called occupation. Republic of Serbian Krajina.
year 1992. United Nations admitted Croatia as an independent state. How
Serbian minority has agreed to supply the Croatian authorities and the international community on a broad autonomy, Croatia in May and August 1995. runs liberation actions Lightning and Storm. In those actions, the majority of the occupied territories, and Already the first day of operation, Croatian forces broke through Serbian defense on several routes, and the fifth August liberation of Knin, the center of the rebel front state. To 7 August free of all previously occupied areas of northern Dalmatia, eastern Lika, Kordun and Subdivisions. Serbian authorities are launching a major refuge of civilians to Bosnia and Serbia with the intention of spreading conflict and provoking a crisis of major proportions. The storm is finally broken the Serbian rebellion in Croatia and provided a peaceful reintegration of Eastern Slavonia.
Croatia Dubrovnik XV. to XIX. century had the status of an independent state. This was a patrician aristocracy republic that is ruled by the nobility gathered in the Great Council and the Prince, who is elected for a month. Enriching the maritime trade of Dubrovnik skillful diplomacy balancing between the forces of that time - the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic. Its peak was reached Dubrovnik Republic in the sixteenth century. The highest ideal of Dubrovnik is summarized in the word LIBERTAS - freedom - and that word was written on the flag of the Republic of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is Croatia had so many artists and scientists, John Marin and the Marin Gundulić Getaldić and Ruder Boskovic, that it is often called the Croatian Athens.

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