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How the Ford produced the model T? | History

How the Ford produced the model T? Ford T model 1908

Fords Model T that 1908th year marks the birth of the automobile industry. Its mechanical solutions are in fact as of today, but far above the other cars of that time, and above all because he was a serial production and thus cheaper, and this has allowed mass sale.
fixing tape was introduced by Henry Ford in his factory in Detroit, USA, just to make Ford T. The car moved from the bar workers to workers. Each installed the part of some, or perform some well-defined action. And it is always the same, mechanical.
In this way, Ford could produce their vehicles much cheaper in large numbers, and they were even his workers, who were assembled, they could buy.
Production of these cars, which the Americans called the Tin Lizzie - Brass Liza - continued from 1908th to 1927th year and during that time in the workshops of Ford Motor Company produced 18 million copies. If at the beginning of the century car was chosen for the product, with the model T he became a product for the masses. Henry Ford uttered his famous sentence: Every customer can get the car in any color as long as Black Cars were produced so quickly that the only color that dried fast enough could be black.
Ford Model T was not the first to produce a serial .. first production car was the Oldsmobile. His production - the constructor is called Olds - began in 1901. year. He however did not use the mounting tape, and the number of cars produced could not be compared with Ford.

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