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How did the first artificial teeth? | History

How did the first artificial teeth? Is also a common Winston Churchill, George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, the French King Henry III

Standing in common Winston Churchill, George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, the French King Henry III. And many ancient Etruscans? The surprising answer is: artificial teeth - which are nearly three thousand years ago invented just Etruscans, a people of central Italy, and we consider ancestors, the so-called Roman civilization.
From about 700 BC. BC. Etruscan artisans are producing artificial teeth, dental bridges, ie, good enough that they could chew. Some people have been removed for cleaning while others were permanently attached to the preserved natural teeth.
Some of the latter is put on welded wide gold belt, and an artificial tooth is placed in the middle wedge entrenched and fortified through the cut in strips and teeth. Golden strips were affixed above the above right that they do not rub, and an artificial tooth is not resting on the gum, but the healthy teeth on both sides. artificial tooth in turn originated from another person or from djeljao volovskog. Such is the dentists skills after that were unknown until the nineteenth century.
Vincenzo Guerin in 1909. in his study of history of dentistry as a high quality of Etruscan work and tried to explain by saying that the Etruscans were proudly showing gold teeth: Because of their gold bars covered a substantial part of the tooth crown, it is obvious that they are not even trying to hide from views, but on the contrary, were very conspicuous. From this we could conclude that in this time wearing artificial teeth and other dental prosthetics is not considered something which should be ashamed, in fact one could say that it was considered a luxury, something refined and accessible only wealthy. Decorative artificial teeth are developed and the Mayans of Central America: so are the jaws of the year 600 three teeth replaced with pieces of shell. Gives it was done more for human life is seen by the fact that these artificial teeth, but began to be overgrown bone.

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