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How did the makeup? | History

How did the makeup? Urge to beautify the human figure is probably old as man himself

The drive to beautify the human figure is probably old as man himself. Earliest archaeological evidence of cosmetics use in the modern sense date of the first urban civilizations of the Old World. Women from ancient Sumer, in southern Iraq today, the rules of antimonite - antimony sulfide - or galena - lead sulphide - cosmetic ink so it sjenčale eyes that seemed to increase them, are still very widespread, and besides the color and rosy cheeks. From the famed tomb of a Sumerian city of Ur, formed at the end of the third millennium BC, the archaeologists they dug a tiny gold box with a set of cosmetic makeup.
ancient Egyptians believed more in cosmetics. As seen in Egyptian tomb paintings, and the men and women are regularly sjenčali eyes with ink and blue lapis lazuli and green Malachite - hydrated copper carbonate, copper patina similar composition -. famous seductress Cleopatra put on the eyebrows and eyelashes and mascara to the upper eyelid was afraid of blue and green down the Nile.
Cosmetic ingredients are in turn kept in a leather or linen bags in the form of lumps, and rub it on a pallet in a fine powder and finally inflicted a wet sticks of wood, ivory, silver, glass and bronze. Cosmetic accessories with these ingredients, along with pallets of its crumbling into dust, a common finding in ancient tombs Egyptian nobility, and there are also the 4000th BC. BC. Both men and women are anointed ocra yellowish skin, but they are the only women potamnjivale orange. be inflicted on the cheeks of red lipstick turn When mixed with grease, and similar the mixture gave receptions and lip.
Egyptian are some pictures shown with painted nails and it is quite possible that they were coated Mine Action colors, but they are not occupying the nails as the ancient Chinese. latter are, in fact, the juice grass extracted dye of which they become dark red nails. In China, until recently, held a remarkably elegant to have an inch long fingernails - which showed that their owner does not have to engage in physical labor - and the rich Chinese are on their elegant silver claws consolidated special apophyses that they are not broken and damaged.
Members of the Indus Valley civilization - from the third millennium BC, in present day India and Pakistan - were probably the first to illuminate your complexion cream for the face of white lead. In urban houses of that time are cookies from this cosmetic means. Similar recipes were finally extended a vast territory from Britain to China. Greeks lead bleach imported from the East in the form of tablets, it was a Roman lady continued to spend despite the doctors by then failed to prove that it was an extremely toxic substance.

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