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How they invented condoms? | History

How they invented condoms? There are several different theories about the origin of the word condom

There are several different theories about the origin of the word condom - condom - but all of them are complex because of its alleged inventor, a certain Dr. Condomi, placed in the second half of the seventeenth century. On the other hand, was either a doctor or a eunuch in the service of Charles II . the English - 1660th to 1685th -, notorious libertine who was apparently worried many illegitimate children. Yet all diligent efforts to dig some contemporary evidence of the individual called Dr. Condom ended in failure. And besides, it is clear and it gives a condom existed long before the seventeenth century.
first description of certain condoms found a hundred years earlier in the work of the great Italian anatomist Fallopian published 1564th He claims that he invented a small cloth sleeves that are placed behind the foreskin, and should prevent transmission of syphilis. general opinion of experts in this field that Falopijev invention was just working out the earlier devices, but the whole matter is still shrouded in mystery.
One theory claims that condoms have existed in the Middle Ages, and that their name was drawn as a funny loan, the learned Latin, Persian word condom or kendo. which has meant a long dish, made from animal intestines, which was stirring the grain. Equally, however, likely that the condom invented in Persia and given to him came the name. also often claimed that condoms were the real inventors of the ancient Romans. Evidence of this could hardly be called decisive, but they are certainly intriguing. theory is, in fact, based on the story as it was recorded by Roman writer Antonin Liberalis - probably from the 2nd century AD - and refers to Minos. Minos was a legendary king who supposedly ruled around 1400. BC. BC., and it is named and the whole prehistoric Minoan civilization on Crete. According Liberalisu, Minos threw a seed lot of snakes and scorpions; that could sleep with him without danger, the woman had put herself in the goat bladder. This myth, then, refers to a female rather than male socket, although the basic principle is the same . Norman Himes, the great historian of contraception in the twentieth century, believes that this story tells about the occasional use of protective sockets, made of animal intestines, in Roman times.
These are the evidence is very convincing, given that the The Greeks evidently took this idea from Egypt, because the doctors from this country in the Old World were particularly valued for his knowledge of gynecology. |

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