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How did the theory of the curse of the tomb robbers? | History

How did the theory of the curse of the tomb robbers? Since prehistoric times, people

From prehistoric times, people - or at least something that people might call it - its treasures were concealed, buried, dumped in a cave, sank in the water ... As long as there is wealth, there are robberies, whether on those of envy, but most are the ones with the desire for wealth. Holes in human morality have no boundaries.
From the earliest times of human civilization, about 1190.g. pr. not known to us by robbers who come from the sea - Sea nations - , predecessor of the pirates, who have destroyed the Hittite empire, killed and plundered, all the way through the entire Mediterranean. Their main feature was the looting of royal tombs, and while they came to the African continent with the intention of even greater wealth. legend circulated - when trying to devastation the most famous tomb of Pharaoh, the robbers struck unexplained plague. Ignorance hieroglyphs, the inability to read them, they ignore the inscription at the entrance to the tomb: Death will befall those who disrupts sleep Pharaoh. This inscription and date, is the tomb of King Tutankhamen.
Academic robbery, robbery or scientific purposes, took place February 17, 1923. In, when the famous archaeologist Howard Carter and his team open the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt for the first time after 3000 years, completely oblivious to the warning death carved above the entrance. Three months later, Lord Carnarvon - George Herbert V. Earl of Carnarvon -, major sponsor of the expedition, died in Cairo, and many other members have died soon after his return to England. Six years later, 12 members of the expedition was dead, and another seven years, only two of them remained alive. of the original team, only Howard Carter could testify about the curse.
This event has attracted all the world that scientists are trying to figure out how many years is still not a mere legend, but behind this event has proven medical background. Specifically, the Discovery Channel documentary and scientific knowledge about it is a fungus that is the only survivor of more than 3000 years in the pyramid, and that she is responsible for the death of the great expedition, and the robbers before. Of course, nothing is absolutely proven.
Another theory takes quite away from scientific discoveries, and is associated with the occult. Aleister Crowley, the Satanist, he killed all the members of English high society in order to avenge the blasphemous open grave. Crowley has created a cult that is based on ancient Egyptian gods, was self-styled prophet of the religious philosophy of Thelema, for this reason a series of inexplicable deaths attributed to it in the book Londons curse Mark Beynona.
media reported today about the villa the former site of the George Herbert, on the shores of the Italian town of Portofino. after Georgs death in Cairo, she succeeded his cousin, a supposedly haunted mansion Tutankhamuns curse. monumental edifice accompanies some unexplained death, which Herbertovih relatives, as the death of the Italian model Francesca Augusta, Therefore, the real estate market remains unsold, because after Augustines death none of the 13 potential buyers for the purchase has not pleaded. additional villas mystique enhances the figure of Indian mystic and spiritual leader Meher Baba, who after a visit to the villa 1925th vowed to silence, and since then, until his death, was never spoken.

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