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How did the Greek mythology? | Myths and Legends

How did the Greek mythology? Greeks have imagined that before the world all was chaos, or None

The Greeks have imagined that before the world all was chaos, or anything. Everything is created out of the dark mist, a mixture of primeval essence, that is, however, already contained the basic elements that will make the world: earth, water, fire and air.
From Chaos to finally set aside Ereb - eternal darkness - and Nyx - dark night -. were born from their relationship to the ether - the eternal light - and the Chimera - a bright day -. First of all the gods of the Greeks was the mother of Gaia . by itself, without conception, gave birth to three children: Uranus - heaven -, Pontus - the sea - the Tartars - Underworld -. | Sljubivši later with Uranus, Gaia gave birth to another offspring - the first and the Tethys Ocean, and later by the first generation of Titans, who were endowed with vast power. They are further multiplied, so have the Helium - Sun -, Selena - the moon - and Eos - Dawn - born out of relationships and Hyperion body.
finally settled all of the Earth is a genus of gods in various forms - Titan, one hundred-handed and the Cyclopes OKI giants. Under all of these creatures was the uranium that is jealously careful that no one challenged his power. felt threatened even and by his sons, so they will shut Geijn against the underworld. story goes that because of Gaia ore coined sickle, who gave his son Cronus and encouraged him to fight against the father. In this struggle, Cronus cut off Uranuss genitals and threw them into the sea, and the foam which is formed around the bore to Aphrodite, goddess of love. blood from uranium, which was dripped on Gaia, the goddess of vengeance jumped Erinyes and the mighty Giants.
Kron took place covered with Uranium, married his sister Rhea and had her five children: Hest, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. But Cronus was worried about his power, so he swallowed his children as soon as they are born.
why Gaia went secretly to Crete and there is born sixth child, Zeus. poodrastao When Zeus, the father of Cronus defeated after heavy fighting and forced him to spit it out again to his brothers. freed the shackles of his father and brothers Kikilope, which he in turn forged lightning and thunder. Having led the gods in conflict with the Titans, eventually becoming the supreme god, lord of mortal and immortal. Zeus ruled the sky, Poseidon the sea and Hades the underworld. Earth and Olympus also have belonged to him. Zeus was worshiped throughout Greece. was the father gods and men, although he was neither a creator nor a man of the world. Zeus was considered the god of conscience - the highest protector of justice, just as the patron god of the house and hospitality.
Miraculous beings
Greek mythology abounds with fabulous characters and monsters. So the story of a giant Atlas carries the sky. Centaurs are creatures with equine bodies and human heads. Gorgon, one of them was Medusa, the evil sister with wings, claws and snakes instead of hair, and their views petrifying. heroic Hercules, the notion of incredible physical strength, the only immortal man.

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