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How to come to tears? | Psychology

How to come to tears? Is generally believed that tears are only an expression of sadness

it is generally believed that tears are only an expression of sadness. Sometimes it happens that we often tears flow when we are not sad at all. How is this possible?
Our eyelids are folds of skin that are down and raise a curtain But tickling is just a reflex action of a body part and has nothing to do with the kind of laughter in which we enjoy.
When we laugh, spontaneously express certain feelings that are caused by what we see, imagine, what we remember and what thinking. Something has to make us laugh. Why? This question really requires a response psychologists - those who study human behavior. They have been given various interpretations, but none is complete. Laughter is especially prominent in society. If you follow your own television program and watching something funny, maybe you will not laugh. But if you follow this program in the company, the greater the likelihood that you will laugh out loud. Take another example: if a group of people sitting, telling anecdotes and jokes and laughs, you probably will not laugh out loud, if you are outside the company, although you have heard what this is about. We all generally know why it is usually not: if someone is awkward, if you drop something, or a slipper drops. In such cases, and in that moment we feel superior. It creates feelings of pleasure and express their laughter. Of course, laughter is different, because it depends on what caused it. Laughter can even be contemptuous. The point is that laughter is an expression of our feelings and our kind of response to certain occurrences.

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