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How do we remember? | Psychology

How do we remember? As we learn in school, memory is divided into short and long term

As we learn in school, memory is divided into short and long term. We all want to remember certain events or people, but also want some sure No one is able to explain the brains ability to remember and use their knowledge and experience, although we know a lot of methods in order to more easily remember and recall the desired event.
memory or the memory capacity to keep in memory what we experienced in the near or distant past.
All that a man spends leaves a trace in the brain. biggest problem is just a recollection of the event that you mapped in the brain. For example, when your professor asks if you remember the processed threads from last week will be much harder to remember than that mentioned the subject and asked you about whether it has already been discussed. This method is the so-called triggers.
Another way of remembering the using pictures. Someone remembers events more easily from the previous year thanks to the image created by an event that happened, but the track gradually fades if it does not induce a similar or repeated experience, or if you do not renew themselves.
There are several way of remembering. One of them is a memory. If you a few days after a party, ask for names of people who were there, youll try to remember their names and faces. At best, you will remember the faces and names, but you can not connect that name belongs to which person. And if someone asks whether John was at the party, you may happen to be identified by name as the person who actually was at the party.
fact, harder to remember than to recognize . If you recognize the situation, recognize it, thanks to visual performance. This is called visual memory. Similarly, one easily remembers the song he read or heard that joke. This is called auditory memory. In addition, you can remember by association. Every experience is followed with another one act that takes place simultaneously, immediately before or slightly after. And those two actions you can just associate the experience that you want to remember. I remember when such an event, and tend to remember what this event is followed.

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