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How do we forget? | Psychology

How do we forget? Forgetting is a cognitive phenomenon that has always aroused human interest, through the entire history of mankind

Forgetfulness is a cognitive phenomenon that has always aroused human interest, through the entire history of mankind. No man is aware of how much remembered! |
Close eyes and try to remember everything you see - of all people, all houses, all streets, all the things youve ever seen and all the words and numbers that you have ever learned. seems to be no end.
Forgetfulness is the opposite process from memory and is reflected in the inability of reproduction and retention learned content. Forgetting of changes resulting from learning. Complete no forgetting, because the content that we have learned certain physiological left traces in the brain structures, and in certain conditions can evoke. In our brain there is a center for memory, where millions of concepts placed in hold, just as neat as a good book. We do not yet We know how this miracle happens agreement and placement in the registry, but we know that this happens on one specific way, depending on the subject. As concepts are grouped in a certain order, it is possible that part of the warehouse to be damaged or destroyed, and the other parts remain intact. For example, after brain injury or bleeding in the brain can be destroyed part of the warehouse to remember only certain concepts. man can forget how to use the word, but it still knows how to use numbers. Sometimes people lose the visual ability to recognize because they are old or because of some injury that does not allow them to identify items that look. I can watch the ball, and they do not know what it is. But, if the touch, they are able to recognize because they do not recognize things Palpation depends on the stock for visual memory.
Our brain has a center to remember the sounds. There are sounds stored remember that, as in a big nightclub in which gramophone records are kept.
frequently thought that forgetting is caused by Over time, the most prominent in the famous folk saying Time heals all wounds. Many psychological studies, however, proves exactly the contrary.
To prevent forgetting?
01 Seek remember - focus and concentration on what is taught or going, the intention to remember the long term, positive effect on memorizing. 02Dobro learned the material more resistant to forgetting - or repeat prenaučiti learned. 03Aktivno react - remember their reactions to the event, try several times to respond - to formulate your own words, write, think. 04Tražiti meaning of material - connect with the familiar, ask questions to myself and think it explained the meaning to another. 05Verbalizirati aloud - a loud repetition improves memorizing up to 25%. 06Rasporediti repetition in time according to the curve of forgetting. man can completely lose their memory, which is called amnesia.
Alzheimers disease, incurable progressive disorder of memory and the right public health scourge near future.

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