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How is the IQ? | Psychology

How is the IQ? Intelligence is the mental characteristics

Intelligence is the mental karakteristika.Moguće measured, although imperfect, intelligence tests or IQ measures. Consists of the ability to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and use abstract concepts, and use the knowledge to navigate the new environment in which no helps stereotyped instinctive behavior, and even learning their habits, skills and knowledge.
mental and physical development normally correspond to one another. Both stop in different years of life, which depends on personality.
For example, a young man the age of sixteen can be 170 centimeters tall and generally do not grow, while his brother may reach a height of 185 centimeters.
Mind the development of most people to stop somewhere between 13 and 20 years of age.
If all children born the same day, April 10, for example ten years ago, now look, it will be distinguished by their physical development. Some will be high and some low growth. But it will also differ in terms of mental development. Some will be intelligent and able to easily learn new things, some average and some very slow in learning. This difference in the noetic development can be considered as a difference in the noetic maturity.
As we measure someones height, so we can measure the persons mental development. For this purpose we created a series of tests.
Heres how it works: First we determine which problems can be solved by children of different ages. six-year old children can solve some problems, the other eight year old, etc. .
assume that children of different ages give a test for the six year old. Let him children, four or five years, also can be solved. On the other hand, there are ten and twelve, for which the test is too hard. Well, now we have a way to measure intelligence. If six years be applied to solve the test only the age of six years, he was of average intelligence. If four, or five year old can solve this test, they are above-average intelligence. If you can not get rid of ten test for the age of six years, he was behind.
letters are an abbreviation for intelligence quotient, it is a mathematical way to calculate the results of these tests. For example, a six-year child with mental maturity that matches the childs noetic maturity of six years, has QI 100th Mental maturity is divided with age, and then multiplying by the hundreds. If your child has a five-year mental age of six years, his QI is 120 - six divided by five, times 100 -. IQs between 90 and 100 indicates average intelligence and above 110 is considered above-average intelligence.
Depending on the IQ value, the amount of intelligence can be divided into several groups: Genius - IQ is higher than 140 - very high intelligence - IQ is between 120 - 140 - ineteligencija High - IQ is between 111-120 - average intelligence - IQ is between 90-110 - borderline level of intelligence - IQ is between 70-89 - mild mental retardation - IQ is between 50-69 - moderate mental retardation - IQ is between 35-49 - severe mental retardation - IQ is between 20-34 - severe mental retardation - IQ below 20 - Statistics: 50% of IQ scores between 90 and 110 70% of IQ scores between 85 and 115 95% of IQ scores between 70 and 130 99.5% of IQ scores between 60 and 140 only about 1-2% of subjects achieved a score 140 or more |

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