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How Freud founded psychoanalysis? | Psychology

How Freud founded psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud - 1856th to 1939th - was not a philosopher in the strict sense of the word. In fact, he worked as a neurologist and psychiatrist. However, his theory of the human soul forever changed the way people see themselves and their influence is continuous until today.
In the 16th and 17th century are thought to govern emotion and passion bodily juices, which come from the immortal soul. If someone was emotionally unbalanced - for example, longer depressed or aggressive - they took him to the doctor that he re-regulate the body juices. |
Later, about half of the 18th century, has not believed in the theory of bodily juices. Instead, feelings is the immortal soul and mortal body granted special place in man. In the 19th century were finally divided soul of intellect and character - the man is, therefore, I was responsible for what are doing and thinking.
However, Freud his study of mental illness led to the conclusion that man himself can not fully control. In fact it does not help even the best knowledge of the sea. Instead, a man secretly managed id - Latin - what - or subconsciously. According to Freud , the subconscious plays a major role in determining our consciousness. this claim he is turning upside down much of the philosophical tradition, which is consciousness as the source of certain knowledge.
Subconsciously is what a man can not stand him or not allowed - parental prohibitions, unfulfilled desires - and what his conscience - Ego - I - therefore rejected.
Ego is the rational part of personality. Everything there finds its place, is repressed, Freud considered. Id comes to light only when the consciousness is no longer in control - for example the so-called. Freudian lapsing or while sleeping. Then in a dream published: indeed, in encrypted form.
According to Freud, if someone briefly discounts controls, the light can come out of his subconscious personality, id. It is, for example, happens when someone utters the truth that really do not want to say - and perhaps not even aware of them.
order consciousness knew what to suppress, help her superego - lat . = superego -. That part of the personality embodies the social norms, rules and ideals, that is what one should and wanted to be.
are suppressed primarily wishes, desires and impulses, such as the Oedipus complex, which the company not granted - for example, endless egotism, or screaming with rage. Such original emotions and atavistic instincts are, we can see in young children, however, adults were removed years of systematic repression. Sometimes it may happen that only partially suppress impulses, such as in the case of heavy fear and aggression caused by frightening experiences in childhood. psyche reacts to them meeting the replacement, which appear in the form of specific symptoms: fear, obsessive behavior or sexual perversions. Freud called neuroses such symptoms.
psychoanalyst and mental wounds trying to heal discussions and interpretation of dreams, in which he clarifies and decrypting messages sent to the patients id: Where id was, ego shall be. It shows that Freuds motto of his rationalist thinking - a path to personal freedom and happiness ultimately takes over again reason. Erikson and Identity
notion of identity derived from one of Freuds disciples. Erik Erikson - 1902nd to 1994th - believed to be their own self-image develops over a series of crises. entering adulthood it even comes into question. young people then experiment until you find your true identity, which aligns with the expectations of your psyche and society finds its role in it. Of course, there are different roles that the same man has to take - for example, the role of father, officer or member of an association. However, the personal identity never changes. Oedipus complex
According to Freud, the boys live atavistic urge to kill his own father and sleep with his mother. name and appearance of Freud borrowed from Greek mythology, in which King Oedipus has done just that: He killed his father and he married her mother. However, he did not know that his parents this. One of the problems that opens Freuds theory is the fact that he never quite clear whether a reaction comes from a conscious or subconscious part of the personality. For example, if someone confuse certain words while speaking, perhaps this is a completely insignificant mistakes - but there might be a Freudian lapse, which reveals a hidden truth.

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