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How the plumbing? | Education

How the plumbing? What do you think, how much water a day consumes a large city

What do you think, how much water a day consumes a large city. Did you wonder where it comes from all this water? How it leads to the city? This brings water from lakes and reservoirs that are distant from the destination of water, and the city comes through the plumbing system. Water is the channel that it is the man to build it brought water to the city of lakes or reservoirs.
This water can be an open channel, tunnel, or a long tube, and can even be a combination of all three modes. Water supply is often many miles long, if the town or city to which water supplies are not located closer to the water, and its width or diameter can be larger than a meter.
First, dig a channel that leads from the water source to destination tj.grada, and then overlaid with concrete, stone or brick that the country would not be washed with water, and in this way it blatila. Where steep slopes or uneven, digging a tunnel. Sometimes the tunnel its way to the other valleys. This the tunnel, also encapsulates the concrete, stone or brick because of rain. A long tube is used when the water has to suddenly descend to cross over the hills, valleys, or where the water should stay clean. Plumbing is a long tube made of steel or concrete with steel construction. Water is being built by a gentle slope so that water flowed through the earths gravitational force, but not too fast not to be washed away and destroyed the inner layers of the water pipes or tunnels. What is a mild slope, the slower moving water, and water supply pipe must be larger to represent a certain amount of water. Water is a very old invention. Even the ancient peoples of Egypt, Babylonia and Assyria dug canals which have brought fresh water from distant areas to the public swimming pools and fountains. Greeks built the first water in Europe, but the most perfect the aqueduct built by the Romans. In the 3rd century BC, Rome had 11 water - some of which were longer than 80 kilometers - that the city was supplied with water from the hills far away.

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