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How does an elevator? | Education

How does an elevator? 200 years ago nobody could imagine that the Millions of people live and work in buildings that are so high that the man on foot can easily climb to the upper floors

200 years ago nobody could imagine that the Millions of people live and work in buildings that are so high that the man on foot can easily climb to the upper floors. Today we can not imagine the great skyscrapers in the city without elevators. Elevator or elevator was invented more than nearly two centuries. In the 19th century in New York had a hydraulic elevator. cab or platform was mounted on top of a long piston that is located in the cylinder. To ascend the elevator, the bottom cylinder that pumped water, and to an elevator descended, opened the taps to drain the water from the cylinder. This water is diverted back into the reservoir and could be reused as it was quite convenient.
Elevators of this type today mostly no longer in use. These elevators were slow, and since it raises the bar has to go the whole cabin vertically into the ground, such elevators can not be used in tall buildings because they require deep burials. One type of hydraulic elevator is still used in buildings of moderate height. In these elevators are raising the bar for not located under the platform, but the mechanism for raising the next hole for the elevator, with whom he associated through the pulleys by which raises the cabin. construction of tall buildings has become possible thanks to an electric elevator. Such elevator lifted by cables, which is wound around the drum at the top of the building. For the latest elevator drum is replaced by a simple pulley, which is directly driven by the engine. cable passes over a pulley attached to one end of the elevator and down the other end tied to his weight by using the elevator is in equilibrium . Modern elevators have many devices aimed at preventing accidents. One of these devices is the airbag at the bottom of the hole. When the elevator goes down, the platform all the more closed-section perpendicular to the hole as little air came out. result is the creation of air bag, or slowing the fall cabin. Another safety innovation consists of two steel balls separated during rotation, until you press the brake stops the elevator.

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