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How is tea processed? | Education

How is tea processed? While the Englishman spends an average of about 5 kilograms of tea annually, European nations drink it in much smaller quantities

As an Englishman spends an average of about 5 kilograms of tea annually, European nations drink it in much smaller quantities.
Biggest čajopije the world are definitely Chinese. They drink tea for 4000 years!
Europeans first tasted tea just 300 years ago.
Tea growing in China has long been cultivated, and nowhere is growing as a wild plant. It is believed that the Chinese brought the first tea seeds from India. When the British arrived to India and discovered the tea, they began to plant the entire tea plantations in India and Ceylon. Over time the production is so advanced that the quantity of tea exported from Ceylon tea exports surpassed in China.
There are two main types of tea plants . Chinese tea grows only up to one meter in height, and Indian tea can grow to six feet. tea leaves, if not harvested, they can reach the size of human hands. However, young leaves provide a far better quality of tea, and therefore wounding another before they develop a lot. Only after the third year of tea plant provides the first harvest, and yield a three-year plant is more than modest.
The quality of tea significantly affects the altitude at which the plant is grown. best tea growing in plantations in the high mountains. As soon as the leaves Ober, are transferred to the factory where the process immediately begins processing the tea.
leaves are first spread on racks to wither. then transferred to the machinery with rollers that squeezed the juice out of them. Black and green leaves originate from the same plant, with the difference that we, if we want to get black tea, green leaves, which are passed through the roller, and again spread evenly and cover with wet rags. In this way tea leaves go through a process of fermentation and become blackish in color . Then the leaves are dried, sorted and packed. best black tea is made from the youngest leaves and najnježnijih.
There is another kind of tea which is consumed mostly in the United States. It is so.,, ulong tea- with Formosa. It is neither green nor completely black, since it is only partially prevrio.
tea refreshes, because it contains caffeine, and coffee. In addition, the tea has tannins, which he sometimes gives a bitter taste .

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