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How did the candy? | Education

How did the candy? Candies often called sweet because it is actually the most important piece of candy sugar

often called Candies candy, because it is actually the most important piece of candy sugar. More about the year 500 BC, the Iranians knew the procedure for the production of sugar in the solid state. Iranian name for white sugar was a candidate Sefīd. Hence comes the English name for the candy, as well as candied fruits, which are also in our products. And I name a domestic factory ¬ will candies and chocolates, Kandit, reminiscent of the old Iranian word.
In ancient times, Most people had some kind of candy, but many people still did not know about sugar. | Thus, for example, the Egyptians left records with pictures showing how they were at the time made sweets. But , as the Egyptians did not know the process of refining sugar, they are doing honey treats. In the Far East still every tribe has its own experts to produce the official bom ¬ voucher, as well as their secrets for making candy. They used honey and figs to create tasty treats.
Although it sounds strange, but it is true that in Europe until recently, did not produce sweets. Europeans have used a sweet syrup that sweetened drugs and hide their bitterness. Only in the 17th century in Europe began coming from the sugar colonies, and as a craft, candy production occurs only at the time.
The French were the first in Europe to start producing candied fruit and create recipes for it. One of these recipes, which are produced by the walnut syrup and sugar , probably the forerunner of what we call them candy pralines - a type of chocolate candy -.
In North America were the first settlers boiled maple juice to make maple sugar candy. pulling a yellow sugar crystals follow ¬ ing and making of it was a great event for children. sugar crystals strung on a rope represented the candy. Later they found themselves in the sale of candies and mint, so called. peppermint, and chocolate balls.

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