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How is ice cream? | Education

How to Ice Cream Ice cream is a frozen dessert

Ice cream is a frozen dessert. Consists primarily of milk or dairy products and non-milk ingredients that are added to the mixture for the purpose of adjustment of taste, aroma, color, odor, with the possible addition of fruit, fruit flavoring, eggs, chocolate or other supplements.
Therefore how ice cream is eaten in the United States - more than 2,000.000.000 gallons each year! - youd think this country is home sladoleda.Međutim, ice cream was first made somewhere in the East. famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo saw how people eat ice cream in the East. conveyed the idea to Italy and from Italy it was transferred to France.
In France, the ice cream quickly became a favorite delicacy among the nobility, and instructions for making ice cream are kept in the greatest secrecy, that they would not have discovered the common people. But, of course, they all soon discover how delicious ice cream, so this dessert soon became known throughout the world.
first ice cream factory was established in the United States 1851st year. However, the production of ice cream really developed only after the 1900th year, when they discovered new ways of cooling.
basic ingredients of the cream: cream, milk - liquid or solid form, sugar and sometimes eggs. These ingredients for better flavor of ice cream, add vanilla, chocolate, various fruits, nuts, etc. Heres the usual relationship of these ingredients in ice cream: 80 to 85 percent cream and dairy products, 15 percent sugar, 0.5 to 4.5 percent and odor 0.3 percent of an anti-corruption.
These last compounds are used in order to stay slick ice, because it prevents ice crystals are created. usually used for this purpose clear they want to eat.
When you eat one sixth of a liter of vanilla ice cream, and you took about the same amount of calcium, protein and vitamin B as containing half a cup of pure milk, and vitamin A and calories as if you drank a full cup of milk.

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