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How cools? | Education

How cools? If you want something cool, we need to take away the heat

If you want something cool, we need to take away the heat. Refrigeration is, therefore, the process of heat transfer.
In ancient India and Egypt it was known that certain salts, when dissolved in water, cool. In fact, some substances as saltpeter - salt of nitric acid combined with light metals - and ammonium nitrate, heat is removed from the water in which dissolve, and thus lowers the temperature of the water.
Also, cold is produced when a fluid converted into gas. This change is called evaporation. Put a little water or alcohol on hand, you will feel cold, because the fluid takes heat from his hands and evaporates.
Many scientists and researchers have attempted to apply the principle of evaporation to create the machinery for cooling. In 1923, Michael Faraday improve the process of evaporation. He changed the ammonia from the gas into liquid form so that it is sabi or compressed, and then took the heat out of it. And then, when the liquid is left to re- evaporates, it was confiscated and the surrounding heat sink. Now they have two possible changes: changing the vapor into a liquid where the released heat, and fluid in pairs, with the draws or subtracts the environment.
in modern home refrigerators for cooling is used not only ammonia but also the gases sulfur dioxide and Freon. cooling principle is the same as we have already described here, step by step, what actually happens. Heart refrigeration or cooling unit is a pump or compressor.
The compressor sucks up steam and compressed it, like a bicycle pump draws air into the compressed air it. This raises the temperature of steam. hot and compressed, or compressed air goes into the condenser. The condenser air loses heat and becomes a liquid.
The liquid then flows into the evaporator or evaporator. Evaporator part you need to cool the radiator. warm air in this part of the heat added to the liquid, and liquid evaporates. Therefore, our objective has been fulfilled: we have produced cold. liquid is again converted into steam, and steam re going to the compressor, so the process is constantly repeated!

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