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How to produce rockets for fireworks? | Education

How to produce rockets for fireworks?

Fireworks is a device with a rocket engine and an explosive head that is used for entertainment and celebration. Fireworks is so old that No one knows who first invented the rocket and when! credit for the invention or the art of making pyrotechnics rocket is usually attributed to the Chinese because they were doing fireworks for hundreds of years before Europeans.
Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans piređivali some kind of fireworks? However, the missiles as we know it began to be used only after the invention of gunpowder and the development of chemistry as a science.
basic materials which are used in making rockets are potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal. All of this together into a fine grained powder. Then, in order to achieve spectacular performance, put the mixture, and other substances, such as nitrates of lead, barium and aluminum.
The fireworks are colored, so that mean much in terms of beauty and the final effect, obtained by adding different metal salts, such as strontium for red, green for barium, sodium for yellow, and copper for blue. using iron filings obtained by rains sparks which explode in height.
One type of missile, known as,, Roman fortune, so what is the real bottom is cardboard tubes spreša Gipa or a mixture of clay, and above it put a layer of powder. After that comes a solid ball powder, which should only burn but not explode. around the ball and put a layer of combustible substances in the air that needs to burst into flames.
Then comes a thick layer of light of burning gunpowder, which is called a lighter, and after that another layer of powder, and then another ball, with its combustible matter, and so on. When the cardboard tube is filled, it is left out of it sticking to lighter paper in a small cylinder which closes the mouth of the pipe.
When the primer ignites, it first turns on the upper lightly coat of burning gunpowder, which gradually turns the contents of pipes, to the flammable substance which surrounds the ball at the top. When the ball and fire, gunpowder explodes and the explosion throws the ball from the luminous tube. This process is repeated until it is expelled all the balls. So, it really takes skill to make a good fireworks show.
Beautiful fireworks painting the picture Martin Hohnjec .

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