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How do I get salt? | Education

How do I get salt? Salt is one of the most widespread and most abundant minerals on Earth, spices

Salt is one of the most widespread and most abundant minerals on earth spices. Used to enhance the flavor of food and plays an important role in many physiological processes by maintaining constant blood pressure and nervous system work. Chemically, salt is a compound which he produce sodium chloride, and is composed of sodium and chlorine - Na and Cl -.
Table salt, which is used every day, getting in several ways: from sea water, salty water from the lake, the salt springs and salt rocks.
one kilogram of sea water contains on average about 35 grams of salt. Some salt lakes, such as the Dead Sea or Great Salt Lake in North America, contain even higher percentage of salt in the water.
Rock salt or mineral salt found in many parts of the world and sometimes the layers are thick and several hundred meters. It is most likely that the rock salt formed by evaporation of prehistoric sea, and later through the layers of salt drifted silt and sand. saline can be caused by straining the water through such a large salt deposits.
Most of the salt which is sold in stores is made from rock salt. the process of getting this: first izbuše wells in rocks that contain salt. In these wells and then pours the water through the pipes. This water dissolves salt, and then, as in other salt water pipes pumped to the surface.
When the salt pulls the surface of the earth in the form of salt water, it evaporates in open containers or wide in the vacuum container - ie container with no air - until it turned into cells. The resulting granules are then dried and sorted by size. table salt, or salt to eat, very fine powder. Sol is now much used in many branches industry, especially in manufacturing glass, soap and leather processing.

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