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How to get gasoline? | Education

How to get petrol, why we say that the diesel fuel perfectly? It is a liquid fuel evaporates quickly and is easy to fall

Why do we say that the diesel fuel perfectly? It is a liquid fuel evaporates quickly and easily be dropped. Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which means that a compound consisting of carbon and hydrogen. Used because liquid gasoline is very easy to change the gas in the engine cylinder. When the gasoline turns, almost completely burned, leaving quite a bit of useless ingredients. In the combustion of petrol gives more heat than the same quantity of any other liquid fuels.
How do I get petrol?
from multiple sources, but the major source of gasoline is crude oil, which has sites in the underground. Gasoline is produced from oil using process known as distillation. Crude oil is placed When we hear such a pounding, it means that the engine is bad because the bad gasoline burns. To improve the performance of gasoline, he added various mixtures. This is called petrol,, high-octane, which means it has a high octane number. This is now commonly used gasoline to start the car.

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