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How is smog? | Education

How is smog? Smog is a major problem in many cities around the world as it affects human health

Smog is a major problem in many cities around the world as it affects human health. Between 4 and 9 December 1952nd year in London because of smog killed around 4,000 people! Only when it could no longer breathe, the British government launched The law of the purity of the air - Clear Air Act - a strictly limited discharge of smoke into the atmosphere. |
What is smog and why is it so dangerous?
In some cities, the combination of different gases in the air creates a kind of fog, which we call smog. Smog is difficult to detect because it is colorless, but it occurs more frequently during the warmer months. sun shines longer and harder, thus causing more chemical reactions in the atmosphere. largest cities of the world are facing with this form of air pollution due to exhaust gases from cars, power plants and various other industries that pollute the air to various fuels. Their combustion or oxidation, compounds generated carbon dioxide, water, sulfur dioxide and mineral residue, or ash.
When you breathe, coughing people. consequences of inhalation of smog, and its release into the environment are: respiratory diseases, asthma, lung tissue damage, damage to vegetation, destruction / degradation of the material. If the smog in the presence of a suffocating vapor and fine particles, it becomes toxic.
The air is still dust. dust forming tiny particles of solid matter suspended in the air. Dust can arise from the ground by wind raspuĊĦe, tiny droplets of seawater from live volcanoes, forest fires, automobile exhaust gases and from industrial combustion - the smoke that comes out of factory chimneys.
amount of dust in the air is almost unbelievable. Naturally, the amount of dust is the largest industrial cities.
This issue is so important to the health of many cities lead the battle to reduce the amount of industrial dust in the air. machines which emit dust, put the hood. used and ventilation systems, fans and electrical devices to prevent raising of dust. In order to avoid raising dust, sometimes resorts to wetting and splashing water . But, the problem of hazardous dust in the air - or smog - is still not resolved.

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