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How does the tear gas? | Education

How does the tear gas? Very likely you have seen pictures in the papers that have been shown to police tear gas strikers chasing away criminals or forced to leave the building where they barricaded

Most likely you have seen pictures in the papers that have been shown to police tear gas strikers chasing away criminals or forced to leave the building in which they barricaded. Tear gas is just one of many gases that are created in order to act on the man so disable it, wound or even kill. awkwardly, but the thought of these gases and their harmful effects. They are part of the so-called. chemical warfare.
Some of these gases act on the respiratory system and cause pneumonia. First, they force a person to cough and his breathing was difficult. second gas attack human skin as soon as he touched, especially moist parts of the skin and produce skin burns. There is a gas that makes sneezing, and creates the sharp pain in the nose, throat and chest. This gas leaves behind serious consequences. One particular species of poisonous gas attacks the blood and acts on the heart, nerve reflexes and can interfere with oxygen inhalation.
Carbon monoxide is one of these gases. Nerve gases are causing trouble , convulsion and death. Tear gas irritates the eyes, causing a sharp pain, tears and interferes with vision. In basic form, tear gas is a substance similar to sugar. However, when heated, is converted into steam, which attacks the eyes. Tear gas is placed in the grain and missiles of paper and throws it out the window into the room in which to shelter a criminal. white cloud of gas soon temporarily blinds a criminal and he surrenders. effect of this gas is short and ends when it leaves the contaminated premises. Special chemicals can be in various forms such as are chemically rifle grenades, hand grenades, hand-explosive chemical bombs and various chemical smoke composition. length of the combustion mixture depends on the quantity of chemical substances.
These funds are prohibited for normal use and sale in the above formats, such as the Such permitted only to the police and army. allowed to sell only in liquid form - the spray - for self-defense weighing less than 50 ml. These funds can only use professionally qualified person. When activating or throwing these chemicals should pay attention to wind direction and weather opportunities and prohibits the use in confined spaces.
A poisonous gases are not only thinking in ratnodoba or in the fight against criminals. engines which use gasoline to drive expel poisonous gas - carbon monoxide, because it has strict attention to that car engines are not in enclosed garages

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