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How to break the sound barrier? | Education

How to break the sound barrier? The term sound barrier is actually the wrong way of describing a condition that occurs when the planes traveling to certain speeds

The term sound barrier is actually the wrong way of describing a condition that occurs when certain planes traveling speeds. When the planes started flying speed of sound, is expected to encounter some kind of barriers or obstacles - but there was no such barrier!
To understand this, lets start from the plane to fly at speeds of less than sound. When the plane moves, the front of the aircraft make waves. Wave creates an accumulation of particles in the air movement of aircraft during its flight.
This wave moving at the speed of sound. So he moves faster than the airplane, which, as we have said, flying slower pace. As this pressure wave rushes beside the airplane, it causes light rays go through the surface of airplane wings flying.
Suppose now that the airplane is moving at the speed of sound. in the air in front of the plane has no waves, since the plane wave and moving the same speed, but it creates a wave in front of the wing. shock wave is formed, which creates high strain in airplane wings. Before the plane took off really fast sound, and even faster than the speed of sound, it is expected that the shock waves and push to make some sort of barrier or wall that is sound barrier. But this did not happen because the aeronautical engineers construct planes that dominate these difficulties. Indeed, a strong burst of what is heard when the plane passes through,, the sound barrier caused by the shock wave described - then the airspeed velocity of sound equal to or greater.

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