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What began using posters? | Education

What began using posters? Poster was written, drawn, or graphically multiplied notice affixed or posted in public places

The poster was written, drawn, or graphically multiplied notice affixed or posted in public places. The posters are messages that emphasize the public for all to see. Posters are usually draws the attention of passers-by a product, event or service that advertises . posters stand out in busy places, so that they could see as many passers-by. In this way, the posters are the first examples of commercial advertising.
Posters are found even in some ancient Egyptian ruins. course, were made in the form of pictures done on the wall, but their purpose was the same.
In ancient Rome, when at the Coliseum, the famous amphitheater, an event should take place throughout the city were glued to cry about it.
When in the 15th century began to apply printing techniques, it became much easier to publish or reproduce the ads in many instances. Some of these ads distributed by hand - and they were the flyers - while others were stuck on walls or fences as well as posters.
The modern poster, as we know it today, was created lithographs finding 1796th year. This is, in fact, created the possibility of adding color and graphics printing blocks.
today are increasingly faced billboards that advertise certain products in addition to highways or street. As the next poster runs fast and hectic, and since people do not have time to read them, text and layout of the poster must meet certain basic rules. message to passers posters must be such that it can be read at one point, ie first glance. In other words, it must only have a few words, two or three colors and a very simple blueprint or design.

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