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How do we feel hungry? | Education

How to feel hunger or famine has nothing to do with an empty stomach, although most people believe it has

Hunger has nothing to do with an empty stomach, although most people believe it does. Infant is born with an empty stomach, so she does not feel hungry the first few days. People who are sick or have a fever, they often do not feel hungry, even though they the stomach is empty.
Famine occurs when the blood does not have certain nutrients. Once that happens, the message is sent to the hunger center in the brain. This center operates on the stomach and intestine as a brake. As long as there is enough blood food, hunger centers slows down the stomach and intestines.
At a time when the blood runs out of these nutrients, Center for hunger begins to affect the amplification of the stomach and intestines. Therefore we, when we are hungry, often making inroads intestine.
When we are hungry, do not feel the need for a particular type of food, but only for food that would satiate us. However, only one kind of food can not satisfy us, and not healthy. Would not it be difficult to eat only potatoes, even in the most varied forms? However, if you eat soup for lunch, meat, vegetables and sweets in that amount which is sufficient for one meal, food will be properly and well be happy.
In complete starvation the body has to spend its reserves, primarily in the subcutaneous tissue, fat and carbohydrates in the liver and muscles, and later their own proteins, in other words, the body begins to eat itself - creepy.
How long can live without food?
calm and peaceful people can endure longer than those who are easily aroused. Adults endure longer than children.
Among animals there are also differences. Ticks and bugs can withstand without food the whole year. Dog dies after twenty days of fasting . small birds can not endure without food for more than five days. If the animal is smaller and exuberant, the more quickly consumes its food supply. warm-blooded animals can not live if you lose more than half their normal weight.
Nowadays One of the biggest problems in the world is hunger. Its common in underdeveloped regions of the world which is due to retardation in the way of tillage and the simple inability of the development of vegetation geographical populations often izvrgnuto starvation. effects of fasting include: rapid weight loss, disruption of the function of internal organs and nervous system, general weakness and eventually death. Statistics show that every three seconds a child dies of hunger in Africa.
Remember this information when you may not eat food that you currently have on the table and become aware that such things do not take for granted.

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