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How do I get milk? | Education

How do I get milk? All, of course, we know that children need to drink milk, and what more, to be healthy and have grown to large

All, of course, we know that children need to drink milk, and what more, to be healthy and to have grown large. Milk is indispensable food for children, but very useful food for adults. Nutrients that they contain a milk Easy to use in our body.
Did you, while you drink milk, think about how the milk gets? In other words, to which we provide milk? Or maybe you think, especially if you live in the city and buying milk cartons that the milk is produced in a factory? But, jokes aside. Surely you and you see - if not in nature, then at least on television - a large barn where dairy cows are bred to give large amounts of milk.
Milk gets milking cows or other animals, either by hand or machine for muĹženje. Since the time of milk from producer to consumer debt, and typically is 36 to 40 hours, it undergoes the process of preserving milk by pasteurization or sterilization.
When we think of milk, cows tend to remember, but the milk is obtained in many countries and from other domestic animals. In Spain and the Balkan countries, for example, much of the milk obtained from sheep, the camels of the Arabian Peninsula, and Egypt used the buffalo cows milk.
In Lapland people drink moose milk - room, reindeer - and Mongolian herders drink the milk of mares. Lama In Peru, an American draft-highland animals, while the animal from which it gets milk, and in Tibet it is strong, kind srednjoazijskog cattle. In some other countries, raising goats for their milk.
milk of these animals is the same quality and quality of cow, and by some of the ingredients even better than him. So For example reindeer milk contains three times more protein than cows milk, and sheep milk has more protein than fat. Chinese milk buffaloes is almost four times more fatty matter than cows milk. Many believe that milk is nearly perfect food. Only when deemed all benefits which man has of milk, see for yourself why this is so.
protein, required for the creation and strengthening of muscles, can be found in milk. Another important ingredient of the milk fat - food that creates energy. When the milk to create small, round granules of fat, the butter can be made.
Milk also contains sugar, which is a carbohydrate and provides energy. lactose, the sugar found in milk, is less sweet than sugar produced from sugar cane or sugar beet and the human body it easier to use than any other type of sugar.
Milk provides us with important minerals, which are necessary for bone growth and blood formation. Calcium and phosphorus are most of the minerals found in milk. The milk has more calcium than any other food.
Other minerals that are found in milk are: iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorine, iodine, cobalt and zinc, but this listing is still did not end the list ! Milk provides us with vitamins, and it has the highest vitamin B2, A, Bi. Milk also contains vitamins C and D. Of course, there is in milk and water. But it is incredible that in one liter of milk has more than 100 grams of solid food !

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