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How do I get starch? | Education

How do I get starch? Starch provides more food to mankind than any other substance

Starch provides more food to mankind than any other substance. But also because the starch is one of the most important substances in the world. Starch, however, used in many ways: as an adhesive, washing machine, producing toiletry and many other purposes.
Starch is produced in plants as tiny granules in large quantities. using sunlight and chlorophyll - the green substance in leaves - plants combine water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air to produce sugar.
The sugar plant converted to starch. Starch then accumulates in the form of fine grains in large quantities in the slag stems, roots, leaves, fruits and seeds.
Potatoes, for example, contain much starch. Cereals, such as corn, rice and wheat, also contain large amounts of starch.
Why do plants accumulate starch?
Starch serves them as food during the development of young stems and buds, before they become capable of creating their own nutrients.
humans and animals, starch is a food which provides energy, or force. Like sugar, starch is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Starch is not sweet. usually without any taste.
Starch is produced by crushing of parts of plants what it contains. then washed with water, and subsequently deposited on the bottom of the large barrels. In the further process the water is dripping from wet starch, and the mixture is dried and ground into powder.
the most important sources of getting potato starch we will list , cereals, sweet potatoes, Malay palm sago and cassava - a plant that grows in tropical areas of America -.

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