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How to measure speed? | Education

How to measure speed? Speed ​​measured the distance that an object is passed in a given time or how fast it moves

The speed is measured by the distance an object is passed in a given time or how fast he moves. In kilometers per hour speed is measured in seconds and meters.
The unit of measurement is displayed with two other units of measurement with a spatial length and ratio of the time.
Imagine two towns away from one another 96 km. Two cars crossing this distance. One drives at 96 miles per hour - km / h - and the other at a speed of 48 km / h. It is obvious that the first travels faster reach before. | | When we say that a car moving at 96 km / h I think he needs an hour to cross the distance of 96 km. So he from one city to another to arrive one hour. Another car drives at a speed of only 48 km / h so that in an hours drive went 48 km. To be driven 96 km to him for two hours. We say that the first vehicle speed is greater than the speed of the second car. In one hour the first car to exceed 96 km and the other only 48 km.
It is easy to calculate how fast something is moving. If the car exceeds 160 km in four hours, how much will go in one hour? The answer is: 160 divided with 4, or 40 km. In other words, the car speed is 40 km / h.
Next time youre traveling by car you can calculate the average speed of travel. Determine how much mileage on the gauge length are crossed. Speed ​​equals distance divided by time and divide this distance in time that you spent on the road.
Look at the speedometer during these trips. Sometimes it can show 96 km / h, sometimes 48 km / h, and at times 0 when you are stuck in a traffic jam. It This is because the speed of the car changes all the time. speed of the car throughout the journey is the average speed.
When the car is stationary there is no speed at all. When it starts moving faster and faster. This is called the acceleration - acceleration -. If the car from 0 km / h comes up to 80 knl / h acceleration is achieved. racing car can be from 0 km / h to reach 80 km / h very quickly. an old car can take much longer to reach that speed. Acceleration is the increase speed at specified times nu ¬. Contrary to the slow acceleration - deceleration - reduce speed at a given time.

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