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How do animals become extinct? | Education

How do animals become extinct? We believe that an animal species is endangered when its distribution is drastically reduced, threatening the survival of the species

We believe that an animal species is endangered when its distribution is drastically reduced, threatening the survival of the species. Before the advent of human extinction is the result of natural selection as happened with the dinosaurs. Studying fossil remains, we conclude that one species becomes extinct every thousand years, but since the early 20th century, expanding and developing technology that takes away more and more space for nature, and the rate of extinction has risen to a disturbing kind of year. |
addition to the naturally destroy habitat, man is the principle of the natural balance of hunting - often illicit - and bringing the same kind of environment that have proved to be enemies. addition Man damages natural habitats, destroying the forest to get to the wood, drawing on the unreasonable way the bowels of the Earth, to come to the mining, industrial effluents polluting the water, using over-protective agents for field crops, etc.
protective equipment and Water pollution can lead to the extinction of certain animal species. Take as an example of peregrine falcons who was on the brink of extinction. Its usual prey are the ducks that were fed fish and algae from areas contaminated with DDT. This is an insecticide, taložeći in tissue ducks, falcons raised in the process of changing the transfer of calcium in the egg. In some cases, calcium in the shells were so small that shot before the young are developed. In others, however, the calcium level was so high that young people have not managed to break the egg shell and to go outside.
Animals that are exposed to danger because of man to die out, the turtle - which are hunted for their shells -, elephants - the tusks -, crocodiles - the skin -, wolves and big cats - for fur - , whales - the oil -. predicted the extinction of many species in the near future. Among the most vulnerable are: Javanese rhinoceros, Mauritius kestrel and Chinese alligator. are made lists of endangered animals, which are called Red Book. Among the most vulnerable groups of the big cats and birds prey.
animals and plants contribute to maintaining the ecological balance necessary for the survival of humankind. There are laws to protect animals in the wild and institutions - such as national parks - and the facilities under the supervision of a man - such as zoos - which protect certain animals from extinction. Today zoos are often meant for a certain type of guarantee that they will be able to save from the nature of which is less suitable to their survival. Sometimes the protection of some kind of very complex problem, as in the case of a bear that lives only if every individual has the available 25-50 km2 of forest. This means that for the survival of many groups bear need large expanses of forest.

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