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How is the position coordinates over? | Education

How is the position coordinates over? Imagine being on a ship that crosses the ocean or to pass through the desert which no label

Imagine youre on a ship that crosses the ocean or to pass through the desert, which has no label. How do you describe a place where you are, and that every individual in the world make it clear? This is achieved by using latitude and longitude. Use them to determine any location on Earths surface.
If you want to specify a location to its location on the north and south, then we talk about the width. Line which runs around the center of the Earth called the equator or the Equator. This line has a latitude of zero - 0 -. North of the equator the northern latitude, and south of the equator south latitude.
Imagine lines drawn around the earth at equal distances north and south of the equator. These lines are called parallels or analogies, because are parallel to one another is the equator. distance between each line is not measured by miles than degrees. One degree is 1/360 circle.
After every 15 degrees we have another line of latitude. North Pole is located at 90 degrees north latitude, and the South Pole at 90 degrees south latitude.
Suppose we want to measure the distance to the east and west, which is called longitude. But where do we begin? has long been decided that the line which passes through Greenwich, England is home line length, which is marked with a zero - 0 -. long lines called meridians, so that the line which passes through the Greenwich meridian first. East of this line is the length of the east, west and West Longitude. To obtain more accurate measurements, one degree divided into 60 minutes and one minute to 60 seconds.
The intersection of these coordinates - longitude and latitude - a single point on the earths surface and over it can determine the exact position of an object.

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